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    Need HardDrive Help/Advice
    Need an additional Hard Drive for my Power Mac G4. Any advice or direction? External or internal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vmholladay View Post
    Need an additional Hard Drive for my Power Mac G4. Any advice or direction? External or internal?

    Well you should first determine if you're willing to add a hard drive to your computer. Some folks aren't up to modifying their computer internally. If you are, great, add that second internal drive (if you ask me in PMs I know where you can get some good deals).

    If you aren't up for that, and/or you need that drive to be a bit more portable, then go for the external drive. For example, I use an external at home to store my backups on, because I do transport them from location to location...not to mention other things I keep in that drive. (hides doctor who collection)

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    You could do a search for Threads and Posts with key words like upgrade hd, internal hd, external hd, and you'll find info. If you have a G4 AGP I would input that way to minimize the search.
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