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    Can't Install/Un-Install Program
    I install a trial of Photoshop CS3. Not knowing that Adobe came with uninstall program, I removed Photoshop with the utility appsdelete. When I tried to install Adobe Creative Suite CS3, it stated that it couldn't install photoshop CS3 because of a conflict.

    I did some search and found the un-install program for photoshop. I ran it and it uninstalled some programs but not the two main program that I removed with the appsdelete utility. I tried to reinstall the trial verison of photoshop but it won't run.

    How do I get the files removed from my computer so that I can install the Creative Suite?

    Thanks for your help.
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    I would contact Adobe.
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    If it was me (and I always have a backup) I would trash the folder

    "your system volume"/Library/Application Support/Adobe

    then install Creative Suite
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