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Liam 04-23-2007 08:59 PM

Fan Speeds
Just wondering what the norm is for fan speeds on a 24" iMac?

This a print from my iStat pro widget and was just making sure this is ok and nothing is about to fry anytime soon?

bryphotoguy 04-23-2007 09:03 PM

mine is currently running 800rpm, 800rpm, 1400rpm. I'm have a 20" and it's been on for 3 hrs now. I think you're ok.

mac57 04-26-2007 02:39 PM

These values look pretty normal to me. Shouldn't be anything to worry about. As a data point, my PowerMac G5 CPU fans run about 500 rpm and the hard drive fans between 1000 and 1500 (iStatPro reports on three different drive related fans).

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