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Thread: practical uses for mac mini with home theater

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    practical uses for mac mini with home theater
    Hey guys, I am looking into purchasing a mac mini for some basic entertainment purposes such as music, movies, and internet. Are there any other applications for this device that would be appropriate in a home theater setup?

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfwax95 View Post
    Front Row.
    +1, and a lot of HD TV's now have VGA or DVI ins. I know my TV does, and i've hooked my mini up to it to watch movies through front row.

    The Mini can serve as a DVD player, play music through your home theater, and any movies as well. Front row functions very well with the included remote. Of course, you'll need to figure out what you want to keep stored on the machine and whether or not that will require extra hard drive space (the base spec drives aren't huge by any means).


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    I run MythTv frontend on the Mac as I already had a Linux machine with MythTV.

    It lets me stream live TV or recordings across my network. I have a dual tuner PCI card in a Shuttle PC which is the MythTV server.

    It's a really cool setup, but only if you can be bothered to have a PC dedicated to being the server.

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