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Thread: MacPro with six internal SATA drives

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    MacPro with six internal SATA drives
    I've seen a url showing how you can add two more internal drives to the MacPro but I can't find it now. It allows us to install two more internal drives in the second CD drive area giving a total of six internal SATA drives.

    Can somebody provide a link to the website that sells this internal two-drive housing?

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    Here's one I found.

    eSATA external option.

    Or Sleds for swapping drives.
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    You can double the internal hard drive capacity of your MacPro with this one which allows four additional hard drives inside the MacPro case for a total of eight internal drives. You could save the $145 price tag and buy the parts to do this yourself since the ports are already available in your MacPro to connect.

    You can add two internal hard drives in the empty space where your second optical drive would go and connect it to two existing SATA ports. If you're willing to put your primary optical drive into an external drive case, you can add two more internal hard drives in that space too.

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    Not clear from that (and to be honest not clear in my head), I understood the Mac pro has a limit of 3 tb total storage - can that be busted, or are the extra drives assumed to be within that limit, or mirrored to stay within?

    3tb seems a lot, but I have a dream to eventually rip all 500+ dvds I own to my Mac, and use it as the ultimate multimedia centre. That'd be around 3tb just for the films.

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    3TB Hard Drive Limit
    I hadn't heard about a 3tb hard drive limit in the MacPro. Could you tell me where you saw that? I've seen reference to 750gb drives but thought it was stated only because that's all that was available at the time. Now we have 1tb Hitachi drives available and can add four more internal drive bays to the MacPro.

    I have four drives totaling 1.75tb now so I could add a couple more 500gb drives and still be under that limit. I was planning to go to 1tb drives in the future so a 3tb limit would be a concern.

    I also have a 12-drive NORCO DS-1220 eSATA RAID server setting here in a box for the MacPro. I haven't decided if I'm ready for that yet though.

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