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    Refurb question
    I'm in the market for a new desktop and after doing much research on this and other forums, I've decided on an iMac. I've had my eye on this particular model on the refurb page for a couple weeks now: My concern is that most items seem to go very quickly when they're listed up there but this one has been sitting there for, like I said, a couple weeks now. Would an item with the same specs be listed at the same price each time it happened to go up?

    This will be a lot of money for me to be dropping so I'm just trying to be cautious and make sure I'm making the right choice. I guess the fact that it's been sitting there unpurchased for so long is causing me to think that there's maybe an issue with it or that it's missing some key feature I might not be noticing.

    Am I just being a worry wart? Thanks.

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    i bought my imac refurbished, and it was there for a couple of weeks. The person i spoke to at apple said that all of the refurbished items are first come, first serve. so it most likely depends on how many they have in stock which will determine how long it stays on the page. From what i have seen when they do relist item with same specs, price does not go up. I bought the imac 17" 1.83, 512mb,160gb, super-drive model. It was $100 dollars cheaper than the model you are looking at..just doesn't have as much memory, i plan on upgrading that myself. I haven't seen that model on there lately, but i just returned the extra one they sent me so they should have at least one more in the future, if money is a factor you can save yourself 100 dollars...

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    Yea, it really depends how many they have in stock.
    I purchased a refurb. Intel Macbook 13" back in November and didn't have a problem with it. I sold it in February for the refurb. 20" Intel iMac and haven't had any problems with this computer either. They back up their refurbished products with the same warranty as a new item. I wouldn't worry about picking one up.
    My only concern is this... If you are in no rush to pickup a new mac, wait till OS X 10.5 comes out. I think it works a lot nicer (not that there are any problems with 10.4.9 on an Intel Mac) but the new OS should unleash it's true power. If you wait, it should be a free upgrade instead of picking up a retail copy for $129. 10.5 should be out in May I believe??
    That refurb. list changes all the time. You might find one at a nicer price. I wouldn't pick it up because of the extra $100 for the extra 512 RAM. I would assume you'd upgrade the RAM anyways and that extra RAM upgrade now would be worthless. I purchased 1GB stick for $89 anyways. Upgrading through Apple is expensive!
    The iMac is a nice computer though. Once you've had Mac, you'll never go back.

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