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    I thought I knew how to empty my HD using an external HD. SHould I delete the applications in my HD, because the memory doesnīt really look like it wants to give a little after I deleted videos, songs and a bunch of other files. ANy suggestions, I just donīt know how much to trust my external drive, eventhough it is a good brand, do this things last long?

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    I would try DiskInventoryX to locate other large bits of data occupying your disk first.

    If you move movies, music and your apps to the external HD, what's left on your drive? How much space do you have in the first place?
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    I have 80 G in my HD and a 300 G external one, the thing is that I had 6,4 left when I had all the songs and videos and when I deleted them it went up to 7,6 G available, when I at least have 13 G of music. I am positive no music files or video files remain in my computer. I have all the Macromedia Studio 8, Adobe Creative Suite C2 and Microsoft Office. All the other apps are the usual extras like MSn and things like that that arenīt really that heavy. Maybe defragmenting this thing or something is needed. It is also very slow with 1 G of ram in my G$ processor. I have a Power Book G4. Thanks

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    I was in the same situation and I ended up installing a second internal HD. There are many Threads and Posts in this Forum to give you an idea where you stand if you do a search for Upgrade Internal HD, External HD, Second HD, Storage Space, etc.
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