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Thread: eject button for opening dvd tray

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    eject button for opening dvd tray
    Hi all
    Im a relative newbie to macs. After owning a blue and white g3 (my first mac)for about 2 years with no problems it died on i have now gone and bought a g4 quicksilver everything works fine im using the B & W keyboard and mouse and have discovered that there is no way of opening the dvd drawer on the computer without using a key on the keyboard so now to my question
    Is there a key on the blue and white keyboard i can use to open the dvd drawer
    Many thanks in advance

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    I may be a bit late on this, but I hope it helps. On my daughters comp. using a non apple keyboard she uses f12 to open the disk tray. She disabled the dashboard default for f12. I don't know for a fact because mine is an apple keyboard, but I think you can keep the dashboard default and use f12 by holding down longer to open tray. If you have 2 devices then I i believe option f12 will open the second tray. Also there is a icon on my menu bar where you can open the trays using the mouse. I cant remember if I changed something to put it there or if it is always there. It's been to long since I added my second dvd burner. Memory like sieve
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