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    Here at work I have to develop software for both Mac and Windows computers. I have a slight problem with my KVM switch which is hooked up to one Windows and one Mac machine. When I switch to my Mac the screen is shifted to the right about an inch. Is there a way that I can position the desktop with out adjusting the monitor settings? I can't seem to find this functionality in either OS. I figured Mac would be more likley to have this ablilty. The os that I'm running is 8.6 (soon to be X I hope). Please feel free to e-mail me with answers or comments. ipeel @

    Thank you in advance

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    I have used a few different KVM switches, and I know what you are talking about. Unfortunetly, I don't think there as an option to shift the screen in either OS.
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    I found that if I set the refresh rate on my Mac to 60Hz from 85Hz it maks the screen a little smaller and centerd. Although the screen has a nice black border of about 1/4" its still better than the shift.

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    i worked for a company called Gefen Systems...which some of you might be familiar with. Well anyway, it could be because of the refresh rate...depending on what kind of display you are using. Using OS 8.6 could be a factor also. if you do get OS X, and still continue to have the problem, you could try deleting the plist and that usually does it. if you have any questions, i can attempt to help you out...i dealt with questions like this all day long at Gefen (I've only been gone from there for a few weeks all the information is still fresh)

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