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    Using my tv as a display
    So, I'd like to use my TV as a display to watch several archived episodes I have of different tv shows and such. The TV only has VGA and component inputs (that I can find, anyway). My computer being a 1st gen intel iMac, has a mini-dvi connector on the back, meaning I'll have to get an adapter and some stuff.

    My main worry with this is - will a VGA cable be able to transmit a 1080i resolution? 720p? That's what my TV will do it seems (I think. Bought the TV two years ago, before I even knew what HDTV was.) And how do I set those preferences on the machine? Anyone tried anything similar?

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    the resolutions are in the monitor section of system pref. I have a tv with the same spec's and I was not able to get it to fit perfectly. Im using DVI cables though.
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