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    G4 Ethernet woes...
    after 7+ years of maintenance free service, my G4 is beginning to show signs of death in the form of a crappy ethernet connection. i thought it was the cable company, or the cables, or anything else BUT my baby, but i borrowed a friend's G4 and his never lost a connection. what happened to mine is that it would just drop a connection 1-3 times a day, then it just got progressively worse to where i now lose it at least 30 times a day. the remedy i've worked out is to just put it to sleep, then it'll connect again for a matter of minutes before i have to put it to sleep again. not a huge deal for surfing, but a pain in the butt for chatting!
    i brought it into the apple store once, and they couldn't find anything wrong...and strangely enough, the problem was completely fixed for a couple weeks after the visit. but then it started wiggin' out again. i've noticed that it usually drops immediately after i click a link.
    i got a new ethernet card that said it would work for mac OSX. i have 10.4.9. i installed it, and it doesn't work--in my network prefs it says "the cable for PCI Ethernet slot 2 is not plugged in." i'm thinking to myself, "the heck it isn't!" so not quite sure what's going on there.

    any suggestions? i'm just running my cable internet from the wall, to the comcast provided router, to my withering built-in ethernet port. i imagine the ethernet port is shot, but i'd really like to get that PCI ethernet card to work. i hope someone can help. thanks!

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    I was having a frighteningly similar problem with my internet connection and it turned out to be my Airport Express

    Sounds like a problem with your ethernet card. You might try cleaning out your computer with compressed air- it's possible that something is overheating which would explain why it worked for a while after the Apple Store opened it up.
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