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    Specked Out G3 Won't Play Videos
    I've just purchased a lovely little refurb G3 for my 8 year old God Daughter to play with. It has a 500MHz processor, 512MB Ram and 80GB Hard Drive and is running 10.4.9 and all bang up to date iLife.

    Most things run OK on it apart from video. I don't know what (if any) video card is in the thing? Would increasing the RAM help?

    any ideas greatfully received


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    Well for one thing VRAM is 16 MB SGRAM in those models so it isn't much... :blind:

    Reference: iMac (Summer 2001) G3/500, G3/600, G3/700.

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    It refuses to play any video at all, or drops frames on some videos?

    The G3's usually came with a Radeon 7500 with 32MB VRAM, but this won't be your problem. Since 2001, video has become more and more compressed, requiring more and more processing power to decode it - @500mhz, your CPU is barely fast enough to decode simple MPEG2 movies, much less anything more sophisticated. If you're trying to decode h.264 (Quicktime/iTunes based video) you're going to really struggle to kee the frame rate above 10 - 15fps. As for any HD content, forget it.
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