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Thread: Major problem!

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    Major problem!
    Tried installing XP on bootcamp and it went smoothly until XP had installed and had to restart but then it kept looping through the install. I took it out and tried to go back to osx but when i turned it on it was just a white/grey screen.

    I have tried the disks
    I have tried rebooting PMU
    I have tried rebooting ram

    Holding down C results with a folder sign and a question mark


    I really need help!

    EDIT: It kind of looks like the Disks that came with my iMac are blank. I tried them in a windows laptop and nothing is showing on the disks at all...

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    Mac disks cannot be read by Windoze. Besides why do you put your Mac install disk on a PeeCee? Isn't this to be used on a Mac? I have no experience using Windoze, Boot Camp so someone else will have to jump in here to help out.

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    try booting externally using ur install discs....which as MHC said, will not work on a PC, so are most likely not blank.
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