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    Graphic Card Question
    I'm switching to best:cool: System in the world: MAC OS
    I'm running now on an WIndows Xp/Vista(it's total ****)
    I've an 8800GTX but I can't choose an 8800GTX when I'm configuring my Mac Pro.So I have a question which card to take?(It's not about the money but is the 3xNVIDIA Geforce better than the 8800GTX):

    3 x NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256 MB or NVIDIA 8800GTX

    If it's the 8800, which card to choose then?:confused:



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    The 8800 and the 7300 are in TOTALLY different classes. It's like comparing a Ferrari to a tricycle

    You're best off getting the X1900XT with the Mac Pro if what you want is amazing 3D performance. The 7300 is just garbage in comparison and the Quadro is for a special niche (i.e. CAD, 3D modeling, etc).

    May I ask what you need a Mac Pro for? If you're planning on using it for consumer purposes, then I would suggest checking out the iMac. You'll save a ton of money and still have lots of power available to you.

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    sorry to thread hijack here, but I am in a similar dilemma. I spend about 70% of my usage in Photoshop and the rest in Final Cut. Would it be worth upgrading to the x1900xt?
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    The 8800 is just about the best 3D card on the market, so it's a crime no drivers have been provided. The 7300 is a lower end 7xxx (previous generation) model so I agree with the others, the Radeon is the next best choice.
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