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    I am a senior in high school and am going to Long Beach to major in Film and Electronic Arts. I have been using Pc's all my life. I have decided to start using macs. I wanted to start using Final Cut Pro soon, so I have been looking for an inexpensive system to start some video editing. I was looking at some G4 dual processors, 1, 1.25ghz etc. Should I get a g4 or a g5? I dont really have the money as I would like to spend under 500, but if you guys are adament that I should get a g5 then I will save up for awhile and get a g5. Thanks for any help

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    If you are just starting off and will probably have a faster machine to use at school go with the G4. You're render times will be slower than the G5 but other than that you won't notice any other difference. If you need something future proof or you plan on editing HD than you will need the G5, or even a MacPro for the HD.

    What ever you choose just make sure you have a lot of hard drive space.

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