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Thread: g3 start problems

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    Apr 03, 2007
    g3 start problems
    Hi all HELP!!
    first of all im a complete newbie on Macs i have a g3 blue and white running 10.3.9 it has been running perfectly until now. ive set up a belkin wired router to share my broadband conection between my pc and mac this worked perfectly for 2 days now i cant start my g3 its gets so far then tells me i need to restart when i do restart it does it again.
    ive trying booting from the os 10.3.9 and gone into disk utility and gone through the repair options with no luck now my main drive is greyed out the one with os10 on it what am i doing wrong
    please help me i have over 20 gigs of music on that disk and dont want to loose it
    thanks in advance

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    Apr 03, 2007
    g3 wont start update
    Just thought id give u an update of the g3 starting problems
    when i start the g3 using the original start up / restore disk i can now see the contents of disk that was "greyed out" i can see the contents of that disk but can do nothing with it.
    any ideas anyone?
    thx in advance

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, davegoorn. The easy way out of this is to get yourself an external hard drive and, booting from your CD, copy over the files you want to keep and then re-install the OS on your Mac.

    If you want to try stuff, you might try Resetting your Mac's PRAM and NVRAM. In the Knowledge Base Article, Apple says to let the chime ring for a second time: since your Mac is pretty messed up, I'd let it ring five times then let go of the keys.

    If you happen to have Alsoft's DiskWarrior, this app would probably save the day right now, if the problem isn't hardware related, that is.

    Check your Mac's firmware as there seems to have been updates for it. Be sure of what you are doing here, don't install these unless they are needed otherwise you might end up with bigger problems than you already have.

    Just to rule out that hardware failure possibility... In your install disk kit that came with your Mac, you should have a Hardware Test somewhere, either on its own CD or included on one of the Install Disks. Insert it in your optical drive, restart by holding down the C key and once prompted, ask for the Extended Test. This will check all the hardware components on your Mac.

    Try these things and report back with your findings. Good luck! :girl:

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    Apr 03, 2007
    g3 start problems
    hi thx very much for your help Macheadcase nothing seemed to work so ive taken the plunge and bought a g4 quicksilver very nice works a treat luckily i can get my 20 gigs of music back cause a mate copied it from me and still has it so thats a relief
    Thx again

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