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    OS Classic on Mac Pro (printer problems and other issues)
    I owned a G5 until a few days ago. Now I have a Mac Pro with OS X 10.4.8. When I tried to install Classic applications I normally used, it says I can't, and lately found out that ther's no classic environment anymore.
    I have an EPSON 1280 which had a great control window before printing in Classic, which allowed me to use all the levels and such. Now, I can't control anything with Page Setup.
    And also: how can I prevent that annoying alert window (Internet Connection: do you want to stay connected?) from popping up every 15 minutes?
    Can anybody please help?

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    to answer your printer question, in Mac os X, in the print window that pops up, click on the drop down list (by default it's on page layout i think) and there will be a number of different categories with their own adjustments....not sure about ur second question
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    You can't Install Classic because you are on an Intel Mac. Classic is PPC only, which is why it worked fine on your G5. You either need to find a Epson printer driver for OSX or buy a different printer.

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