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    Mac mini Memory upgrade problems
    Admittedly I am posting this becuase I am an anal person. I successfully put in the apple branded memory in my intel 1.66 core duo mac mini. It boasted the system memory to 1 gb. Upon reinstalling the case though it was not a perfect line up. by this I mean that it was pretty darn close. THere is a smalll gap in the front and also by the power button it sticks in a milimeter. Looking at it it looks normal in fact this may have been how it was before I opened it up. My question is wether I can get the case prefectly back on. OR are the clips just too temprimental. Will this 1mm affect airport or bluetooth antennas.
    Thanks for helping out some one that is so anal about his max

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    iMac 20" C2D 2.4 ghz 2gb iMac 20" C2D 2GB 256MB Graphics Macbook C2D 2GB Powermac G4 Dual 450 wont effect the antennas...but its always nice to have a sealed mac...dont try to force it shut cuz u could damage advice would be to have a professional try to get it back on...if it doesnt, no big deal.
    iMac Aluminum 20" 2.4 ghz 2gb RAM 300gb HD
    iMac 20" Core2duo 2gb 250gb
    Macbook White Core2duo 2gb 80gb
    Powermac G4 dual 450

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