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    Lightbulb Please help new Mac user
    Hello there, I have just bought a iMac G5 1.83ghz 17" and am new to the mac world. I think they are great but I've got a couple of questions I'd like answering. I was wondering if there was cable out there that will connect my mac to a normal Bush 21" TV (not LCD) so I can watch my downloaded movies on the TV? Also, upon receiving the desktop, realised there wasn't a DVD burner included. Just wondered if it's possible to get a regular external one to work with a mac? Would be much appreciated if you could try to answer these questions. Thank you. jamie.

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    Hi Jamie,

    You should be able to find external USB or FireWire devices for both of those tasks.

    Also, the AppleTV thingy was made expressly for watching content on your mac on your TV.
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    Hallo Jamie
    Welcome to macforums.
    Apple shop has a dvi to svideo/analog video out connection.So if your television has one of these connections there should be no problems.
    I have an external LG burner connected via usb that is working fine so it is possible.

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