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Thread: G3 Plays DVDs but refuses to play CDs

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    G3 Plays DVDs but refuses to play CDs
    Hey guys, got a strange error here.

    I have a ruby 450MHZ iMac G3 with a slot loading DVD drive.

    Very recently it stopped playing Audio CDs, as far as I can see they aren't mounted. When I press the eject on my keyboard nothing happens, the discs aren't in finder or the desktop.

    I end up having to use a paperclip to get the manual eject button.

    Today I got a little sick of the iMac (Wishing I had bought a 1.25or soGHZ eMac. I opened the iMac up and poked my nose around, after being blasted with the scent of the early 2000s (Yummy!) I noticed nothing seem wrong with the IDE cable and considering the cable also conects the hardrive I think i'd know if it wasn't working.

    I was looking up DVD drives on ebay when I had the idea of trying a DVD video in the mac, it booted up, no problem, mounted on the desktop, finder, played and then ejected - all perfect no problem.

    This is in OS X 3.9 Panther

    So my Audio CDs aren't working but my DVD videos are, could this be something I isntalled? Whats going on? I'm not sure what I should be doing to even look into thsi problem further.

    Thanks very much in advance, any help is welcome (Even if you're telling me how good your eMac is, haha)

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    I'm pretty sure that drives that read both CDs and DVDs use two separate heads. So, it's possible that the CD head is just faulty and you may need a new drive. Being that the system is fairly old now, this wouldn't surprise me in the least.
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    Oh thats interesting, I always thought of it as an all in one thing

    Thats super keen, thanks for the reply.

    Yeah, it sure is an old piece of kit

    Before I buy a new one (It'll cost me like £35 for a DVD drive) i'll wait for more replies, just to be sure before I have to spend money.

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