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    Question Help Please - 1.42Ghx G4 Mac Mini HD Upgrade
    Hi there,

    I had a search around and couldn't find any post with an answer to this so I'm looking for any adivce out there.

    My internal 80GB hard drive on my G4 Mac Mini died on me last weekend so I'm running off my external firewire at the moment. Ideally I'm looking to put a new hard drive into the machine, so I've decided I might as well get a better drive in the process.

    From looking around I have found the following drive:

    160GB Hitachi 2 inch 5400rpm 8MB PATA
    Model: Travelstar 5K160

    Now, I have no issues rummaging around intisde my mac mini but my knowledge of compatible hard drives is a bit rubbish. Does anyone have any idea if this drive would be compatible with my 1.42Ghz G4 Mac Mini? As far as I can find online PATA is the same as ATA and the name was only introduced to offer some differentiation from SATA. Is this correct?

    Also to my knowledge the drive in the Mac Mini at the moment is an ATA100 drive. The above drive is an ATA133, would this caue any problems?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


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    nope, ATA133;s are fine. and the P(ATA) doesnt make a difference....that drive should work fine with your system
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    You might find additional info and help at

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