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    upgrade to Dual Layer Super drive

    I have a a 3 year old iMac 20" which only has a single layer DVD burner built in.

    Can I upgrade to the new internal Dual Layer drive (like the ones that are shipped with new iMacs)?

    If so, will it operate with OSX 10.3.9?

    Im sure lots of people will want to do this.



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    im not sure, but i think u can upgrade....but i do know it is compatable with 10.3.9
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    I wouldn't bother. The Superdrive is very slow (DL only burns at 2.4x). I just bought an NEC 18x DVD-RW (8x DL) and an external enclosure (with USB 2.0 or Firewire) for £40. Not sure how much the Superdrive is but I reckon it will be more and is a lot slower.

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