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    Question Question on Mini's hardware specs
    I am trying to sort out some confusion and may be someone can help me out. I have a "Basic" model G4 Mac Mini (No DVD burner, 512mb RAM, 40Gig HDD, no wireless or bluetooth) and everywhere on the net it says that it came with a 1.25Ghz CPU. Yet when I look up the specs through the About menu in OS X it says the CPU is 1.33 ?!?
    Same question on memory, specs on the net say it came with 512mb of PC2700 yet the internal listing shows up as 512mb of PC3200 ?!?

    I am trying to put together an Ebay listing because I will be selling this machine as soon as my Powerbook comes in this Friday and I was just double checking everything to make sure I had the specs right and found this discrepancy.

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    I believe that the Minis went through a "silent" revision, i.e. Apple ran out of parts and started selling a slightly faster version towards the end of the G4 mini's lifecycle.

    So you have the stock smaller mini model with a slightly faster processor and RAM. The larger mini had 1,5Ghz instead of 1,42 and also had a better 64MB graphics card (yours might have too... I'm not quite sure).

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    Mac min (late 2005) came with either a 1.33 or 1.5 processor. It came with either 32 or 64 mb graphics card. Since yours was the base model I would assume it only came with 32.
    One excellent tool to look up infor such as this is a program called "Mactracker"
    White MacBook, 2.0 ghz Intel Core 2, 2GB ram||[G4 iMac Flat Panel] |800mhz|1Gb RAM|60gb HDD|Combo Drive

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    Hmm thanks for clearing it up guys. Guess I'll trust the "About" info from my Mini as the true specs.

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