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    PowerBook G4 vs. MacBook Intel Core 2 Duo
    Hi everyone,

    I am a new member and I have a question that may need your help...

    I am planning to buy an Apple notebook but still considering between PowerBook G4 12-inch maxed out and the Black MacBook 13-inch Intel Core 2 Duo (the latest generation).

    Since I am doing quite often in graphic design (mostly Photoshop) and cannot afford a PowerBook Pro at the moment, can anyone advise me which one between PowerBook and MacBook I should go for? Is the Black MacBook mentioned above good for graphic design (in consideration of its configuration which is stronger than PowerBook G4 12-inch maxed out, i guess) or PowerBook works better? Because as long as I've heard, MacBook in general is not good and strong enough for design...

    I guess this is a cliche question but it's actually a real nerve-racking problem for me now and makes me really indecisive. Therefore, hope that someone can give me the best advice on what I'd better opt for.

    Thank you so much for your help!

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    The MacBook is a better choice, its faster, and once CS3 is released, it will really show its speed vs the Powerbook.
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    Thanks for the advice, StretchR.. I am still considering because some told me that MacBook is quite "fragile"...

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    As long as you're not doing serious 3D work, the Macbook will suit you just perfectly.

    The Intel Core2Duo utterly dominates the G4 in the Powerbook. There is simply no comparison in terms of speed. You also get a larger screen and higher resolution on the Macbook, while still remaining very portable.

    The Macbook is a very durable machine as it is made with some high quality materials unlike the cheap plastic used by PC manufacturers.

    Plus, why would you go with a computer that's two generations old when you can afford to get the latest gear?

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    I was wondering this same thing. But what if it were a BlackBook Core Duo? Still better than the G4?

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    The Intel Core2Duo utterly dominates the G4 in the Powerbook.
    ! :-)

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