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Thread: ibook G4 memory swap with intel ram?

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    ibook G4 memory swap with intel ram?
    I guys my friend wants to know if he can use my pc 5300 so dimms from my imac c2d 20" in his ibook G4 laptop.

    They # of pins are the same but the speed is different.

    Technically wouldn't my ram just drop down to the lower speed of his memory bus?


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    i've never seen that done before. i dont think its possible, sorry. :/
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    The last iBook G4 made before the Macbook took PC2700 DDR. The older iBooks were PC2100 DDR and the 800Mhz one PC133.

    The iMac Intel is DDR2 RAM. DDR2 is not the same memory as DDR so no.

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