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    Trackpad just freezes!?
    hello everyone. up till now i havent had any major hardware problem so far with my C2D MBP. but now i am worried about my trackpad. now when i am using it it somtimes just gets stuck. i mean the cursor will not move. it doesnt happen all the time but just sometimes. i find it really annoying cuz i would have to run my finger back and forth quickly and for a long period to get it back to moving again. is this a hardware issue that i am going to need to send back to apple? i just dont want it to keep happening. it doesnt happen any particular time just whenever it feels like it. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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    The trackpad is very sensitive. If you are accidentaly touching it with 2 or more fingers (or any thing else) the cursor will stop moving.

    Give it a try...Move the cursor with one finger and then touch the pad with a second finger while still moving the first finger and the cursor will stop.

    If you are definetely only using one finger tip and the cursor stops moving, then it's sounds like a hardware probelm.

    Good Luck

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    I've had this happen with my MB often. I assumed it was user error, but it drives me crazy!
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    why is this MacBookPro in the Mac Pro and PowerMac section ?

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