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    Unhappy My Imac G5 Ejecting disks
    I am currently using my Imac used to play dvd's cd's music cds,etc..
    Now..its not taking those dvds or cd's anymore, its just ejecting my Cd or DvD evertime i insert it. i dont no what i have done wrong can someone please help me?..if so thanks in advanced, and btw does mac need Idvd to be able to recognise my cd's or dvd's?:(

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    how old is your machine ? I have one of the first batches of those machines....The same thing happened to me, but only with my DVD's. My superdrive was knackered and needed replacing.

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    umm its Imac G5 and ure probally right my superdrive is recked. its not old i got it last year 2006 start of that year lols. im really angry not because i like watching dvd's or cd's i hardly use it for that, the reason im angry is that i cant play world of warcraft and the holidays are coming up and there are NO other games for mac that are good lols.

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