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Thread: Desktop Problem

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    Desktop Problem
    For the last week or so I have been dealing with a sudden change with my Desktop. When I try to move any file onto or off of it, it brings up a box asking me to "Authenticate" so I type in my password and it accepts and moves the file to the Desktop.
    When I try to download any file to the Desktop (which is my default download destination) the file won't even start to download and I see the message "Cannot creat file".
    If I plug in my flash drive I can download directly to that and I can also move files freely between any folders, other than my Desktop.
    I must have done something, but I have no idea what. I've scoured the net looking for someone with the same problem, but no dice.
    I have a MacBook Pro Intel 2.33. I'd rather not have to re-format the drive since it's only 2 moths old.
    Anybody out there with any thoughts as to how I might fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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    My neighbor had this problem. Click on the desktop background image. Get info (command+i). Reset the ownership & permissions so that you can read & write. You can probably also run repair permissions from disk utilities.
    schweb This has to be one of the best threads ever in MF history...
    Cherokee This gets my vote for most innovative thread on Mac-Forums... ever.

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