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    I want to run dual monitors on my mac g4 466 and g4 733
    I want to run dual monitors on my mac g4 466 and g4 733, I brought the radeon 9200 mac addition but I found out it's does not work with my mac...
    my mac g4 466 and 733 is a gigabit ethernet running Os 9.2.2 what video card will work with my mac?

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    The 9200 should work just fine with your mac. Is it a PCI or AGP card?
    If its a genuine mac 9200 then it is PCI, and will go into one of the 3 PCI slots. If its AGP you have to replace your current card.

    Any mac PCI or AGP 2x graphics card should work. Your best bet would be to look on ebay for a radeon 8500 or PC flashed 9200.
    You can also get a Nvidia Geforce 1 and I think a Geforce 2.
    Whatever you get, you will have to get it on ebay unless you want to spend alot retail on either a PCI 9200 ($130 ) or 9800 ($250?)

    Again, I would recomend the 8500, but they are pretty rare so a flashed 9200 will give you the best card for the money.
    Try to stay away from PCI cards. They are pretty slow and can actually bog down your system.

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