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    Internal Lightscribe on Mac Pro for about 30 bucks.
    So I bought a Mac Pro this weekend, and was looking at how I could salvage some of my old pc parts into the mac pro. I was able to successfully migrate my two Maxtor 100Gb Sata 150 drives, which I was not too surprised about, but what I was really excited about was the fact that I was able to get my Samsung SH-S182M IDE DVD+/- DL burner with Lightscribe to work flawlessly with Lacie.

    Here's how I did it.

    1. I opened the case of the Mac Pro and pulled out the section where the Superdrive(s) are located. There are no screws that hold this in.

    2. I removed the 4 screws that are stored between where the two Superdrives are located, these are used to secure the second drive (if there isn't one there already).

    3. I used a paperclip to force eject the tray on the Samsung drive, then while the tray was open- I removed the front bezel on the tray. This is an important step because the tray won't make it through the drive doors on the case otherwise.

    4. Change the jumper setting on the Samsung drive to Cable Select (CS) and insert the drive into the holder-secure with screws.

    5. Connect the IDE cable and power cable as normal- push the drive holder back into the mac pro. Try not to bunch up the plastic sheeting that lays underneath the drive holder. Make sure the drive holder goes all the way in.

    6. Close up the case- turn on the pc.

    7. OSX recognizes the drive, but I needed to get and run Patchburn to patch the drive so that OS X accpted it as Superdrive worthy.

    8. After restarting the computer, I went to "About this Mac" to ensure that the drive was recognized and supported (vendor supported).

    9. I went to and downloaded and installed the Lightsribe system software, then the simple labeler program. This was a good way to test that I would indeed have luck with the Lightscribe process.

    10. Then I went to Lacies website and downloaded the Mac version of their Lightscribe software- my drive worked perfectly with this program. YAY! IT WORKS!

    It was very easy- took me about 20 minutes total. I am not suggesting that you try this, nor do I accept any responsibility for any damages if you try the above steps on your own.

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    i just got this drive for christmas

    under leopard it says vendor supported (just as it is) but i cant get the darn thing to function right..keeps giving me under run errors and locking up itunes/toast

    think patchburn will fix this?
    new vid 8/8/05

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    It sounds like you probably are burning at too high of a speed. I would bring the speed down a bit and that should correct that issue. You may also consider buying better quality discs. Verbatim, Memorex, T.Y. and Sony are some of my favorites.

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