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    Usb 2.0 Card? which to get?
    Hello all. i just got this cheap 4 dollar usb 2.0 pci card and installed it in my 800 quicksilver. i put the drivers in and the card appeard to be working fine for my ipod and soem midi devices i have but it would not work for my serato scratch live box. when i put the serato back on the 1.0 input it worked with a bunch of static. i took the 2.0 card out the g4 and now the serato works fine again. is this happening cause i got a cheap card or what. why does it work with my ipod and not my serato?? which would be a good 2.0 card that will work?

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    I've been having problems with a cheap USB card as well. Except with mine the computer only sees it as a 1.1 card as opposed to a 2.0 card half the time. Really irritating when I'm trying to load videos on to my iPod.

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