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    Radeon 9200 compatibility
    I have replaced the Radeon 9200 video card in my Mac G3. The card I replaced is a Radeon 9200. I am wondering if anyone knows if this card would be compatible, and able to be used in a Power Mac 8600, I own?

    Thank you

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    Which 8600 do you have? There are 3 models; 200/250/300.

    Also what OS are you running on the 8600?

    If your PowerMac is the 8600/300 and you are running Mac OS 9, then the 9200 might be compatable but I'm really just guessing here after a fair while searching the net for info/answers.

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    Mar 05, 2007
    radeon compatibilty
    I'm running OS 9.1 on a Mac 8600/300.

    You mentioned searching the web for info; do you have any suggestion for the direction I might take in that regard?

    Thanks for all your assistance.

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    I was more referring to myself spending a considerable amount of time trying to syphon any info I could with regards to your situation.

    I found various tidbits, nothing concrete but the best I did find was reference to the Radeon 9000 being compatable.

    If you can update to 9.2.2 (see link at bottom of post) the Radeon 9200 will probably work. I can't give you a definite answer as I was unable to find any reference to anybody doing the very thing you are doing with the exact mac/os you have.

    From the following info it does appear that you will be able to install that card with the only added requirements I could find being an update to OS 9.2.2 and that your Mac needed to have 256Mb of RAM and be a G3, which I'm pretty sure yours is.

    System Software Support - Mac OS 9.2.2 (will not operate in Mac OS 9 with the Power Mac G4)
    The Radeon 9200 delivers stunning graphics and comprehensive support for Macintosh enthusiasts, powering the ultimate visual experience for OS X and legacy OS 9 operating systems.
    System Software Support
    Mac OSŪ 9.2.2*
    Mac OSŪ X 10.2.8
    Mac OSŪ X 10.3.3 or later

    * This product will not operate in Mac OS 9 with the Power Mac G4 “Digital Audio" and “Gigabit Ethernet" models (Refer to Knowledgebase Topic # 737-468 for more).

    System Requirements
    Supported Mac OS version
    Power Mac G3
    , G4 or G5 (with available PCI slot)**
    256MB of system memory
    Installation software requires CD-ROM drive
    DVD-playback requires DVD drive

    To perform the update from 9.1 to 9.2.2, visit this site.

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