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Thread: Help me fix my G3 system that I dropped durring ice storm

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    Help me fix my G3 system that I dropped durring ice storm
    OK, Heres the story.

    I was carring my dad's computer to the car after an ice storm (last month) to do some file transfers for him.

    Anyways, I fell pretty hard when tring to place system in the trunk and fell directly ontop the computer (The case held up surprising well considering I am 200lb, just 1 corner crack).

    Since then the system will power up, but will not start up.

    I bought a bare bones system on ebay and used the ram, HD, and video card out of the dropped machine to make a new working computer for him.

    So since the ram, HD, and video card all works in another machine, anyone have any idea what could be wrong with this machine? The computer does make the traditional "DONG" during start-up but it kinda sounds sick or something and the power light comes on and lights up green, it would not send any signal to the monitor.

    I'm in need of a second machine and thought about tring to fix this system instead since I already have it.

    I am thinking about buying another motherboard to see if thats the solution, just wanted the "experts" opinion to see if its worth the time.

    Thanks for all the advice, the forum is a gold mine for mac information.

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    Wow, it must have been slippery out there ... too bad about your dads Mac ... just a thought, if your dad has the install disc you could try booting from that to test things?

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    Sounds like maybe a solder somewhere on the motherboard came loose or broke. Since you tried the RAM, HD, and video card in another machine and they all came clean, the only thing left in the equation is the logic board and stuff that should be welded on it, seems to me...

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    Would this board work on this computer?

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    Thats a G4 DA logic board. You need a G3 b/w (hopefully not beige!) logic board.

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