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    Burning Problems
    I have an imac flat pannel and recently it has stopped burning dvds. If you put a normal dvd into the system it will play it so i dont think it is a hardware problem. But when i am in iDVD and i try to burn a disc it dose not work. It requests the DVD-R but when i put the disc in the screen just sits on 'Waiting to recognise disc'.

    If anyone has any idea on how to fix this problem it would really help me

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    welcome to the forums!

    i'm guessing you've tried more than a few blank disks to make sure it wasn't just one or two bad ones.

    also, will it burn a cd-r?

    if nothing works, i'm wondering if there is a preference file for iDVD that you could delete to set things straight (i'd check, but i'm not near my mac).
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    Go to ure mac preferences and check what ure mac can burn, and if theres nothing there then, what eric said is right u probally deleted a file in idvd or something.i no i deleted idvd somehow.

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