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    Hardware Test Errors
    Question: Just out of curiousity I ran the Apple Hardware test on my Intel iMac and it comes back with three different error messages each time I run it: 4MOT/2/40000004:0x3cdba710, 4MOT/2/40000004:0x3cc5BF90, and 4MOT/2/40000004:0x3c239410. I haven't been experiencing any problems with my machine at all...runs perfectly. Called Apple and they suggested I zap the PRAM and unplug. I did this but the error codes remain. Any ideas as to what these might indicate? If it's the logic board, which I suspect, how can my Mac still run perfectly without displaying any problems?

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    iMac 20" C2D 2.4 ghz 2gb iMac 20" C2D 2GB 256MB Graphics Macbook C2D 2GB Powermac G4 Dual 450 not sure what those error codes mean...but as long as ur machine still works properly, i wouldnt worry too much...
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    If you can get hold of TechTool Pro, you can do a much more detailed test.

    This error is normally due to a problem with a fan. Have you experienced the iMac getting too hot. Consider taking it to a nearby Apple Store if the problem persist.

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    Thanks for the replies...the fans have been whisper quiet, despite the machine being up and running and being put to sleep and rarely shut down. When I do reboot or shut down, restarts are super quick. And I spent the 99 bucks for Tech Tool Pro only to have it turn up nothing. I'm at a loss as to what these codes mean. Especially since no flakiness is occurring. Perhaps if I have free day I'll run it over to the Apple the meantime I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

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