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    How do you (re)mount the DVD drive?
    I'm working on a Power Mac G4 and trying to install the game "The Movies". I kept on receiving error messages towards the end of the installation.

    I right clicked the icon on the desktop and changed the ownership properties. When the disc now loads, it doesn't show up on the desktop.

    Is there an issue with the disc or with the computer? I've tried searching for everything online but nothing is coming up. I don't really know what I should be asking for when I search.

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    What's the error message?

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    see if your system meets the requirements
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    The first error message was that the program folder couldn't be created. The second message stated I didn't have sufficient access privileges, even though I'm the administrator (and only user).

    And as mentioned before, the disc icon no longer appears. I just came back from the Apple Store and they had difficulty installing the program as well. They gave me another copy that has the same problem (DVD isn't mounted). Other programs run well off the Super Drive so I'm not sure why I can't mount this DVD game.

    The game company's website only has a basic FAQ and no patches available.

    Whatever I found on the Apple website didn't help (i.e. zapping PRAM/NRAM, hitting certain buttons , etc.)

    FYI: my computer exceeds all requirements, with the exception of the VRAM (I have the minimum requirement).

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