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    Question RAM compatibility.
    I am a recent switcher and am having a heck of a time upgrading the RAM in a G4 QS 733. As I understand it this G4 needs PC133. It can take up to 512 MB in each Dimm slot. The problem is that after having bought two differnet 512 MB PC133 Dimms, neither of the work? When turning the computer on it just has a beep and quits. I didn't buy cheap RAM either, brands like Infineon etc....

    Any help would be appreicated, do I have to buy Kingston RAM or something?

    I think the RAM I have is 64 x 64 what ever that means.


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    Macs need their own kind of RAM Using the wrong kind won't work in the best case, ruin your Mac in the worst!

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    If you select your machine from the list, it will provide you with a host of information about it. RAM specifications can be found in the "Expansion" section.

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    Thank you for the information, the link to the apple developer site was especially informative.

    It is not that the Apples need their own RAM, it is that the BIOS is incapable of addressing "high density" RAM. In other words you can have a maximum of 256 mb in a logical bank on a DIMM, so a 512 MB Dimm would have to have two 256 MB banks made up of no more than 32 MB per chip on the Dimm. So if you get a Dimm that either addresses them as one bank (this is my scenario) or perhaps uses only 8 physical chips that are 64 MB a piece, then it won't work.


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