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    First of all

    my ifrst question is how do I

    burn onto the dvd

    and my second question is how do I copy from a dvd and burn onto a dvd

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    Hello Gerald and welcome to the forums!

    May I ask what Mac you own?

    It's real simple to burn to a CD/DVD on a Mac. Here's how you do it:

    1. Insert the blank CD/DVD.

    2. A window will open informing you that blank media has been inserted, it will have some options such as 'open in finder, ignore...'

    3. Click the 'open in finder' option and you will notice a finer window will pop up with your blank CD/DVD selected.

    4. Simply drag the files you wish to burn into this folder.

    5. When you are ready to burn click the black and yellow circle icon next to the CD icon, before you do this you can re-name the CD/DVD as you would a folder.

    To burn from one CD/DVD to another you will need a program (I believe?).

    One good one that I recommend is Toast by Roxio:

    Hope this is of some use to you.


    Chris :mac:

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    actually theres a more easier way, insert a blank cd, create a new burn folder and put what u want to burn ito there, next just simply click burn and thats it..have fun

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    Dragging the files directly to the cd or first making a burn folder - hardly makes a difference. Point is, you don't need any special program.

    To copy movies onto a DVD, try iDVD (for Quicktime type movies) or Toast (see above) for all else.

    To rip movie DVDs, try MacTheRipper (google it).
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