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    Unhappy KVM switch troubles
    Hello -

    I'm attempting to set up my Powermac G4 on a KVM switch with a Windows machine. I can share the monitor fine, and I purchased the proper PS/2-to-USB adapters for my Iogear KVM switch. I know the switch works because it was fine with my other Windows and Linux boxes.

    Problem: the Mac doesn't seem to recognize my wireless mouse and keyboard when used with the KVM switch. If I unplug the switch cables for the mouse and keyboard and plug the other wireless mouse and wired keyboard into the Mac, there is joy. Even tried downloading and installing the software for the Logitech wireless gear but the Mac won't work with it (even takes much longer to boot with the KVM switch attached).

    I read on this forum about Iogear KVM switches not working with Macs, and someone replied that they did.

    Any thoughts? Kinda clumsy having two keyboards and two mice (meeses) for the current set up. Many thanks.

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    Sorry man, i have similar issues as you. G5 and Dell Laptop on a KVM. The mouse works fully on Windows but some functions dont work in OS X. The apple keyboard doesnt fully work in OS X (eject, volume, etc).

    I've just had to live with it. They're both USB so I thought it would work better, but nope.

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