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Thread: 20" IMAC Display problems

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    Unhappy 20" IMAC Display problems
    My IMAC of three months just decided not to work, despite restarting, disconnecting additional hardware, removing extra memory and unplugging. Upon restart, the fan spins, as it would with startup however the display remains black. After allowing the machine to sit, the sleep light comes on but with keystrokes the display remains black. Adjusting the contrast does seem to provide some color change but only to a little lighter shade of black. Any thoughts of what might be going on would be greatly appreciated.


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    Your brightness, maybe. I'd try hitting F14 and F15. F14 is to make it go lower brightness and F15 is higher. Although, my 17" wont turn off completely with brightness at the lowest, the new 20" ones might. That's all I can think of. Call Apple. Didn't you at least get 1 year's worth of Apple Care? :-0

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