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Thread: G4 Dvdr Upgrade

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    G4 Dvdr Upgrade
    HI folks

    First post on here so forgive me for asking an age old question.

    I got me a 17" macbook pro from work so don't need a new home machine just yet so have decided to spruce the old girl up! I've got me some RAM off fleabay to max that out but.....

    What off the shelf cd/dvdr drives can I use to replace the standard DVD ROM drive in my trusty old G4 450??

    Any other cheap and cheerful upgrades I can do that increase performance?

    Cheers in advance to anyone who can help/advise :-)

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    Any DVD drive should work no problems. Just replace the exsiting drive.

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    check out my tutorial. it'll show you how to put in a new dvd drive.

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