Hi all --

I'm looking for some help regarding a problem that I ran into today when I was trying to install a new FirmTek eSATA 2-port adapter into my 1.8 G5. Once I installed the PCI card into one of the 2 open slots on my machine, I booted like normal and was prompted to initialize the new HD's (400GB Seagates) in my new FirmTek 2EN2 enclosure. Upon opening disk utility I immediately noticed that something was wrong - 3 of my other HDs (installed internally using the SwiftData 200 system) were completely missing. The 3 other HD's are all Hitachi drives. (The 4th drive in my SwiftData 200 system was showing up, and it was in the lower "B" slot just under the main G5 HD).

Prior to the installation today everything was working great. After seeing the problem I retraced my steps and un-installed the new FirmTek PCI card, hoping to find that the other drives would go back to mounting just like normal. Nope. I've still only got 2 drives mounting.

Any ideas what happened? Are there known conflicts between the two SATA cards mounted together. Is mounting 2 different SATA PCI cards not kosher in general? Did I fry one controller card by installing the new one?

Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks and Best,
- John