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Thread: [help] Price range for used G3 / G4 / G5' ?

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    Talking [help] Price range for used G3 / G4 / G5' ?
    Hey all

    I was looking around and finding some low priced used g3/g4 and g5's

    i wanted to get a MAC to mess with so i can become familiar with OS - preferably OSX

    What would you suggest are good price ranges for used

    G5's ?

    I assume for entry level messing aorund i would not need a G5' - but if the price is right why not!

    I would be using this system though with PhotoShop / macromedia studio MX and maybe Ilife if it comes with it - - so it has to have decent specs in it, so i gues a good price range for a "decent" used MAC..

    all help is aprpeciated!

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    All of the prices differ according to age/power/features:
    G3's will probably run between $150 to $600 (US)
    G4's typically go between $400 to $1200+(US)
    G5's will probably be about $200 to $500 below list prices of the current models.

    These are all really rough estimates.

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    ^^ as long as i have a rough idea Since the MAc market is new to me - i have ben searching around and trying to get as best of an idea as i can.

    i dont know why but i want to learn new stuff - recently grabbed debian linux to convert my windows serevr 2003 web sever into alinux server so i figure why not venture into the world of nix even more and see if i can get a decent priced use MAC

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    What about laptop / ibook prices



    IBOOK G3 500 Mhz 192 MB CD-R 12"1 - $350 ?
    IBOOK G3 600 Mhz 640 MB 15 GB DVD 12 " - $500

    Would a G3 have problems running OSX?

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    iBook range looks about right....maybe on the low side.
    No G5 laptops (yet).
    G4, there are PowerBooks and iBooks.
    PowerBooks have been around for a while, so they'll be similar to G4 desktops (probably more in the area of $550 to $1700+).
    G4 iBooks will probably float in the $750+ range.

    G3's can run OSX fine, but go for the G4 if you have the money....just get lots of memory too.

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    ^^^ yeah - a G3 just sounds too old

    i am looking @ G4 and up - i would get a G5 if i had the extra $$$ flaoting around but i dont

    even though i am not to familiar with the enw MAC's - it would not take long and i know i would put it touse.

    Donations welcome

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    how this? - used..
    US $995.00

    Dual 800MHz G4 Processors
    1GB RAM
    80GB Hard Drive
    Super Drive (CDRW/DVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW)
    2 FireWire Ports
    2 USB Ports
    10/100 Ethernet Port
    OS 10.1.6 Installed

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    Sounds OK - although bear in mind that you'll probably want to spend some more money upgrading to Panther.
    I'm in your forums, writing sentences in a grammatically acceptable manner.

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    Do standard LCD / CRT displays work on Mac's ? i assume so........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Guvernment
    Do standard LCD / CRT displays work on Mac's ? i assume so........
    Yes. Same issues as w/ PC's....make sure the graphics card and display have the same interface, or you'll have to get a converter. Remember that Apple LCD's (and a couple of other makers) use Apple's proprietary ADC connector: 1 connection w/ DVI, USB and power.

    PS - interesting find on eBay, can't seem to find the catch, but it does seem too low-priced.

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    ^^ i emailed the guy - has a few days left but he says it should reach the $2200 range - already @ US $935.00

    i should know that by now - since i , like many other wait until the last 30 mins or less to start bidding, really no point in bidding sooner.

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