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    Imac G4 what kind of ram is currently in the system?
    I know that there is a "user access" ram slot and a "service access" ram slot inside the system.

    The "user access" slot is for a sodimm and the "service access" is for regular size ram. When I go to system profiler to check out the ram there is a 512mb stick present. It doesn't tell me if it is the "user access" or the "service access." Is there a way to determine what memory is in the system without going through the hassle of opening it up? I would assume it would ship with 512mb in the "service access" making it easier to upgrade ram in the "user access" slot, hence the name.

    Sytem profiler says :

    Size: Empty
    Type: Empty
    Speed: Empty
    Status: Empty

    Size: 512 MB
    Type: SDRAM
    Speed: PC133-333
    Status: OK
    White MacBook, 2.0 ghz Intel Core 2, 2GB ram||[G4 iMac Flat Panel] |800mhz|1Gb RAM|60gb HDD|Combo Drive

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