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    Installed "N" adapter in to the Mini
    This is my first post so if its in the wrong place please let me know where to move it too. after a lot of reading on the site I decided to get me a mini and tweak it up. when I purchased it in the begin of the month I also got an airport extreme base station well now the mini is updated and I have installed an apple airport card that supports "N" its actually for a MacPro tower well here is the screen shot after the updating today

    its been upgraded with a T7600 2.33 proc and two 1GB mem chips and I also threw in an air port extreme 'N' card while I was in there.

    the card has only one antenna hook up right now so its not that fast as it could be is only 130MB as you can see I will try to get another one to add to the one that is already in there.

    and yes this is a stock apple part all I did was swap it out and did not even have to load the drivers since I already had the wireless base station.

    thanks for the great posts

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    As a side note - did you know that if you press apple-shift-4 then drag the area with the mouse, it'll grab that area of the screen as a picture to the desktop? :
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    Welcome to M-F!

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    Nice work!

    I'm going with the T7200 soon myself.

    Don't have the $$ to fork over for a T7600

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    Nice! Good job, my fellow Texan
    I has a signijer.

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