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    Question Can I plug a USB hub into a USB hub?
    Hi all!

    I have a question so I came to the best resource I know of. I have a 24" Intel iMac. I just got a Newer Technology Ministack v2 500G hard drive (WOOHOO!!!) which I will use through the firewire 400 connector. i also has a USB 2.0 hub built into it. I also have a 4 port Belkin USB 2.0 hub. Can I plug the Belkin hub into the Ministack hub without any problems with the peripherals I plug ito the Belkin hub? (peripheral to Belkin hub to Ministack hub to the iMac).

    That make any sense? $-(


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    I'm pretty sure that it will work with no problems if you do that.
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    not knowing anything about any of the components you just mentioned other than your computer the answer is yes. the only issue you might run into is a power one. basically if the usb components you are running are powered off of the usb cable they might not be able to get enough 'juice' to run. a simple solution to that is a 'powered' usb hub which you might have i dont know.

    this is the reason that i LOVE firewire. you can daisychain all you want with no hub or anything.
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    Thanks for the info!

    Both the hard drive and Belkin USB hub are powered, so that should eliminate that problem. I am liking the performance of the firewire 400 connection to the hard drive so far. It is my first experience with firewire.

    Thanks again,

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    I tried doing that for a while.. (both were powered) and the first one with the other usb hub plugged into it would fail.. unplugged the other hub and it worked again.. must have had too many things plugged into it (printer, digital camera and all that other stuff we all have laying around) maybe it will work for you or just get more expensive hubs with better power supplies (mine were belkin tho) use at your own risk! hope it works for you!!!

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