I have a QS 933mhz, 1.5gb, 10.4.8 that is showing a processor speed of 0. Things I have tried to resolve the problem are as follows:
Zapped the PRAM.
Reset OpenFirmware.
Did a PMU reset.
Checked battery.(swapped with known good one)
Removed additional Ram.
Removed extra cards.

Still she reads at zero in the system profiler even though I know it's running at 933.

I cannot install Final Cut Pro because of a configuration error stating:
Configuration Error
This software requires certian hardware of software which is missing.

Power Macintosh G4/350 megahertz(MHz), or faster.

There are other programs I will not be able to install also like Photoshop 9, Soundtrack, etc.
I am not a super duper mac person so maybe I am missing something here. A step I have not tried. Something!!