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    hardware/open firmware question
    First I would like to say that I am a noob when it comes to MAC computers.

    iMAC G3 / 450 mhz slot loading CD
    This computer was given to me to reinstall OS
    This computer may have been a part of a school district network and labeled obsolete
    no boot chime when powered on
    grey screen
    MAC picasso mac 9.1 logo
    "welcome to MAC OS"
    Name & Password
    buttons : shutdown/change password/login
    I do not have the login info needed to get into OS 9.1

    * QUestion: At this point, if I insert a CD into the CD slot, should the CD-rom "receive" the CD and pull it in?

    This machine does not pull the CD in. But it does push out a CD that I pushed in there and proceeds to eject it the next time I boot up the computer.

    on boot hold down command + option + p + r to reset pram
    I let the chime go about 4 times
    The chime is audible during this step of resetting pram

    hold down "C" does not get into the option to boot into CD

    hold down "t" gives me the floating firewire logo.
    unfortunately I do not have an external CD for use with this mode

    hold down "n" gives the globe icon.
    unfortunately I do not have a netboot server to make use of this mode.

    hold down option gives the available options
    - refresh (circle arrow)
    - HD
    - arrow pointing right
    The CD-rom is not an option

    Control + Z gets into open firmware

    ctrl+option+p+r to reset pram
    then hold down "c" on the next reboot does not get the option to boot from CD and I get the mac os name and password prompt.

    At this point, I am not sure what I can do to reinstall OS.

    Again, I will openly admit to being clueless when it comes to MACs.

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    Feb 18, 2007
    * update *

    I removed the hard drive and turned it on while holding C. It gets to the animated icon flashing a question mark. I am beginning to suspect that the CD drive is bad.

    Is there anything I can do in OF to test if the CD drive is bad?

    If I hold down the OPTION key while booting, should it give me the option of selecting the CD rom even if the CD drive is empty?

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