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    Unhappy DVD rejected
    I have a dual-G5 powermac running 10.4.8.
    About 95% of the dvd movies I put into the disk tray are read properly. Occasionally, like today, one just spins for a minute then it gets ejected. No message, no mounting, nothing. Just rejected. The disk works fine on my work Dell laptop and a dvd player I tried. What gives? Anyway to get it to mount on the mac? I tried using VirtualPC, that doesn't see it either.


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    hmm, don't have an answer yet. But I'll bump this up.

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    These are commercial DVD movies?

    What brand DVD drive do you have? Go to 'About This Mac'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexis View Post
    These are commercial DVD movies?

    What brand DVD drive do you have? Go to 'About This Mac'.
    PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-109: It's the same drive that came with the powermac.
    Most dvd's get read fine. This one was made by a commercial distribution company however not blockbuster caliber like Universal, miramax, etc. The other I recall was a dvd-r burned disk that didn't work on my 2002 dvd player either but worked on a pc drive.

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    This type of issue is usually about the capability of the drive itself, especially when it plays in another computer and in a standalone DVD player. Somes drives are just better at reading not so good disks.
    Sometimes cleaning the disk will help, whether it looks like it needs it or not.
    You can also try commercially available DVD drive cleaners - just a disk you put into the drive and somehow supposedly can clean accumulated dust from the laser. although have only had this work with 1 disk in last 3 years myself.
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