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    SCSI vs. ATA - any reason to go SCSI?
    I ask this within another thread but it seemed like maybe it needed it's own thread.

    I have a G4 933mhz and I mostly do video work on it (FCP).
    When I bought this G4 the rule was that you needed SCSI drives in order to handle the high data rates of video capture and playback but is that true anymore?

    I have an 80gig ATA (system is on here) and a 35gigSCSI and need more space. I am leaning towards ATA because I can get more gigs for less $$$
    but is there a technical reason for sticking with SCSI?


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    Quote Originally Posted by LFFG
    is there a technical reason for sticking with SCSI?

    I say "no".

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